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Vienna, 7th May 2024

Article about AI ROCKETS AG and Moonshot Thinking

Austrian Roadmap 2050 has published an article about AI ROCKETS AG and Moonshot Thinking on its website and in its newsletter.

Bregenz, 15th March 2024

Panel at the Cross Border Innovation Conference

Our CEO, Dr. Michael Prohaska, took part in the panel "Use Cases: Unlocking Value in the Digital Era" at the Cross Border Innovation Conference and spoke about AI-based digital platforms, in particular entiendoo.

Vienna, 6th February 2024

Top Company 2024

We are delighted to have been recognized as a Top Company by kununu for the third time in a row, putting us in the top 5% of beste employers.

Vienna, 7th December 2023

Christmas Party at Café Ministerium

Once again this year, we had a very enjoyable Christmas party with interesting conversations and good food provided by the
Café Ministerium.

Vienna, 6th December 2023

Interview about Moonshots

An interview with our CEO Dr. Michael Prohaska on the topic of moonshot thinking was published on Trending Topics.

Athens, 12th October 2023

Team Event in Athens

It was great – our all-hands meeting in Athens. There were lots of exciting workshops and plenty of time for team building: from beach volleyball on the beach to a tour of the Acropolis.

Diepoldsau, 11th July 2023

Launch of the AI ROCKETS website

The website of AI ROCKETS AG, which ensures the financing of our ROCKETS, has been published.

Vienna, 29th June 2023

Team Event in Vienna

Exciting workshops, a beautiful city tour through the alleys and courtyards of the first district and a culinary high quality finish in the Fischerbräu – that was our first All Hands Meeting 2023 in Vienna.

Vienna, 14th December 2022

Christmas Party at Gmoakeller

We had interesting conversations and excellent food at our Christmas party at the Gmoakeller in downtown Vienna
this year.

Vienna, 15st November 2022

Top Company 2023

In 2023, we were awarded by kununu as a Top Company again and thus as one of the 5% of the best employers.


Barcelona, 4th August 2022

Team Event in Barcelona

Our All Hands Meeting took place from the 4th to the 6th of August 2022 in Barcelona. There was an exciting, varied program consisting of lectures, workshops and teambuilding.

Vienna, 1st March 2022

Top 10 data analytics employers

BARC has analyzed the ten best employers in the field of data and analytics in Austria, Germany and Switzerland based on kununu ratings. We were in the top 10.

Vienna, 1st January 2022

We are turning 5 years old!

Today is a special day: Not only is it the first day of 2022, but we also turn 5 years old. On 1st January 2017, our CEO Dr. Michael Prohaska founded the tean in Vienna.

Diepoldsau, 21st December 2021

Foundation of the AI ROCKETS AG

In December 2021, the time had come: Our CEO Dr. Michael Prohaska founded the AI ROCKETS AG in Diepoldsau, Switzerland. Why? Among other things, we are venture builders and develop new digital, AI-based business models and platforms: our so-called ROCKETS. Our ROCKETS are financed via the AI ROCKETS AG.

Vienna, 23rd November 2021

Top Company 2022

We were honoured by kununu as Top Company 2022 and thus as one of the 5% of the best employers.

Dornbirn, 12th October 2021

Presentation at the WIFI Dornbirn

Presentation by our CEO Dr. Michael Prohaska at the "Big Data & IT-Security" event at WIFI Dornbirn with the title "Digital Disruption: when Artificial Intelligence and Big Data pulverize classic business models and markets".

Vienna, 9th June 2021

Interview for the series of articles "Women in Tech"

Interview with Dipl.-Ing. Katharina Ruhmer, Data Scientist at the tean, for the article series "Women in Tech" by Software & Support Media.

Krems, 23rd April 2021

Presentation at the FH Krems

Presentation by our Head of Data Science, Stefan Bauer, MSc, at the FH Krems with the topic "Process Automation: Use of Robots" in the lecture "Digital Transformation and Process Management".

Vienna, 16th March 2021

20 years as entrepreneurs: father & son

Our CEO, Dr. Michael Prohaska, was interviewed by Sebastian Prohaska, CEO of the SEO agency ithelps, about his experiences and approach to online marketing.

Vienna, 30th January 2021

Elephant sponsorship with Future for Elephants

In addition to the WWF sponsorship, we now support two sponsored children of the elephant orphanage ZEN (Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery) through the organization Future for Elephants.

Vienna, 19th January 2021

Elephant sponsorship with WWF Germany

We are pleased about the gold sponsorship for elephants that we have entered into with WWF Germany. This supports savannah and forest elephants in Central and West Africa.

Vienna, 22nd December 2020

Our team is growing!

In 2020, we welcomed 8 new employees to the tean. We are looking forward to further collaboration!

Vienna, 25th November 2020

Our new website is online!

We are pleased to announce that our new website is online! – with a new design and clear information about the tean and which services we offer.

Vienna, 13th July 2020

Services from the tean

Press article about the founding story and services of the tean.

Vienna, 13th July 2020

Cognitive robot by the tean

Press reviews on a cognitive robot (artificial intelligence)", newly developed by the tean, which handles claims in the insurance industry.

Vienna, 14th May 2020

Presentation on the business model robots

Presentation by Stefan Bauer, MSc on the topic "Business Model Robots – Radical Efficiency Increase of Business Processes". Possible applications and potentials of robots were presented as well as a concrete use case from the insurance industry. The presentation took place in the context of the AI Pitching 2020 on the platform "Applied Artificial Intelligence" of the Economic Chamber of Lower Austria.

Munich, 18th February 2020

Presentation on data visualization at Data Viz Meetup

Presentation on data visualizations by Evelyn Münster (Designation) at the event "13th Meetup for Data Viz Enthusiasts!" in Munich. Also presented was a data story about a robot developed by the tean for automated damage assessment.

Vienna, 7th November 2019

Presentation on robotic process automation in the insurance industry

Presentation by Dr. Michael Prohaska on robotic process automation in automated damage assessment (insurance industry) at the event "Digitale Arbeitswelten" ("Digital Working Environments") of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ) in Vienna. Aspects concerning strategy, methods and organizational transformation were illuminated.

Lustenau, 5th November 2019

Expert Session in Vorarlberg

Contributions to the topics "Digital Experience" and "Digital Mindset". Success factors for practical use cases in the areas of data analytics, big data and robotic process automation as well as aspects of new leadership in the digital age were presented and discussed.

Vienna, 19th September 2019

Expert Session in Vienna

Use case of the tean together with Mag. Árpád Geréd (partner of MGLP Rechtsanwälte) on the topic of robotic process automation (RPA). The potential and legal framework conditions of robots were discussed with representatives of various companies based on a practical use case.

Duisburg, 28th August 2019

Foundation of CENDIQ

Press event for the foundation of the partner company CENDIQ (Center for Digital Quality) in the Technology Center of Duisburg.

Duisburg, 28th August 2019

Expert Session in Duisburg

Open dialog of the tean with representatives of different companies on how artificial intelligence and robotic process automation can increase the efficiency of business processes.

Munich, 24th June 2019

Expert Session in Munich

Presentations by the tean together with Designation on the topic of "Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – Radically Increasing the Efficiency of Business Processes" through artificial intelligence in practice.

St. Pölten, 13th June 2019

Presentation at the "DenkDigital Kongress”

Flashlight AI presentation by Dr. Michael Prohaska at the "DenkDigital Kongress – Fokus Künstliche Intelligenz" ("ThinkDigital Congress – Focus Artificial Intelligence") of the Economic Chamber of Lower Austria (WKNÖ) and contribution at the "Applied Artificial Intelligence" platform on the topic "Robotic Process Automation (RPA): Application for Automated Audit".

Vienna, 11th April 2019

Lecture and moderation at the conference "Danube Ports in the Digital Age: Challenges & Opportunities"

Moderation of the conference and keynote with the title "Digital Disruption – are you feeling comfortable?" by Dr. Michael Prohaska.

Munich, 31st January 2019

Presentation “Robotic Process Automation”

Presentation by Dr. Michael Prohaska on “Robotic Process Automation: How Robots Can Be Used as Decision-Supporting Systems for Administrative Processes” and open dialog at the 22nd Hightec Muc regulars’ table at Designation in Munich.

Salzburg, 25th January 2019

Interview “Digital Excellence in Logistics”

Stefan Bauer, MSc in an interview on “Digital Excellence in Logistics”. The questions were posed by Margot Elwischger, MIM, MBA, Researcher in Logistics & Operations Management, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg.

Bregenz, 21st September 2018

Presentation at the “Logistik-Forum Bodensee”

Keynote by Dr. Michael Prohaska at the “Logistik-Forum Bodensee 2018” (“Logistics Forum Lake Constance 2018”) of the Association for Network Logistics (VNL) at the Festspielhaus Bregenz.

Linz, 13th June 2018

Presentations at the “Logistik-Future-Lab” and the “Logistik-Tag”

Keynote by Dr. Michael Prohaska and presentation by Stefan Bauer, MSc at the “Logistik-Future-Lab” (“Logistics Future Lab”) and the “Logistik-Tag” (“Day of Logistics”) of the Association for Network Logistics (VNL) at the Design Center Linz.

Vienna, 6th December 2017

Foundation of the tean

The tech company the tean was founded on 1st January 2017 by Dr. Michael Prohaska in Vienna. 

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