Advanced Analytics

Generating business from data

“The objective is to
tap into your data treasure.”

Agility and individualization in decision processes are the entrepreneurial challenges of our digital age.

Companies dealing with data analytics and big data have recognized that classic reporting in their business intelligence (BI) environment is no longer sufficient to support decision processes.

In view of the ever-increasing diversity of information, this requires the recognition of data correlations and the forecasting of future events.

The use of data analytics as well as artificial intelligence (AI) makes it possible to recognize complex information correlations for agile decision processes and to derive knowledge from them.

Analytical methods are able to learn to link different data and to process even incomplete and unstructured data. Analytical models enable the development of new data services, data products and digital business models.


Knowledge can be derived on the basis of data analyses. This enables companies to make better decisions.

A distinction is made between four types of data analyses, with the last three mentioned belonging to Advanced Analytics:

  • Descriptive Analytics can be used to analyze events in the past: What happened?
  • Diagnostic Analytics can be used to determine why events occurred in the past: Why did something happen?
  • Predictive Analytics can be used to make predictions about the future: What will happen?
  • Prescriptive Analytics can be used to derive the best courses of action for the future: What should we do?

At the tean, we focus on the areas of Predicitive Analytics and Prescriptive Analytics.



Analytical Methods/AI

Machine learning

Deep Learning

Natural Language Processing

Statistical methods

Cognitive robots


Open source solutions

Big data infrastructure

NoSQL databases

Cloud computing

Digital platforms


We identify business-relevant data, analyze them and derive options for action.

From the data, we develop models that enable decision-making in the operational environment.

With everything we do, we reduce complexity and make decision-relevant relationships visible.

Together with our customers, we create new business models and accompany their implementation.



Define objectives and value generating use cases as well as define the business value to be achieved. Establish alignment of methods, technologies and skills.


Develop analytical models for training
and production. Integrate the models
into the operative IT environment.


Prepare and analyze structured and unstructured
data. Develop an analytical model in
a test environment.


Organize integration of the analytical model into the business processes. Establish data analytics, organizational and knowledge areas.

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